Soft Executive Toolbox

For the future

Our toolbox features cutting
edge management and leadership
tools for growing your company


• Return on investment calculator
• Wheel of Assignments
• Management, Leadership & The Good Life
• Board Competency Profile
• Enterprise Value Estimator

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About us

Who are we?

We are here to help
businesses unlock their
full potential and we believe
that growth and development
goes hand in hand.

It’s all about:
Creating People,
Creating Leaders,
Creating Business

Our core values

It is not about the best plan
but about the best executed plan.
Get our help to "Get Decisionized"
and let us take your business
to new height.

The Business is our boss,
Creation is our work and value
for money is our goal.

Our purpose

Your vision, is our mission.
Every day we work to grow and
develop businesses to create new
and better possibilities in mutuality
with YOU.

Every single morning when the
alarm clock rings we are ready
to create new and better worlds
in mutuality with good


ROI calculator

Use our well developed
return on investment calculator
to get your estimated ROI
in the process of finding your
new employee


Watch your business excel
when using our specific
developed model for
management, leadership & the good life.

Wheel of Assignments

Develop your own WOA
for any specific position
and use the interactive interface
to promote the greatest potential
for your employee