Soft Executive Toolbox

Based on the inter-dependent three Society Paradigms: Industrial-, Knowledge-, and the Creator Society. We have a philosophy we call ML&G - Management, Leadership & The Good Life! 

ML&G has a practical behavior focused approach to co-create the future. "Through making decisions for the future, it's about creating followship and get someone to do what you want them to do".  We have a practical training program and you can get certified in ML&G as an: Examined ML&G Practitioner 



In practice we call it: "Get Decisionized"


Soft Executive Toolbox is ours - AND YOURS - toolbox to "Get Decisionized", creating the followship, implement future successful behavior through Management, Leadership & The Good Life management.

The tools include:

  • Dash Board - Get Decisionized 

  • Return on investment calculator

  • Wheel of Assignments - Executive Search

  • Wheel of Assignments - Behaviours and capabilities

  • Wheel of Assignments - Development

  • Management, Leadership & The Good Life

  • Board Competency Profile

  • Enterprise Value Estimator

  • Organizational Potential & Performance Analysis